Pontiac GT-37
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About the GT-37
What is a GT-37, you ask?? By 1970, insurance premiums and the cost of muscle cars had gotten so expensive, that many younger people couldn't afford them any longer. Pontiac decided to market a LeMans that could be ordered with every performance option available for legendary GTO, but in a budget, low cost package. This car was actually based on the T-37 Tempest line, and was named the GT-37. These cars had special striping, hoodpins, and badging making it stand out above base LeMans and Tempests in appearance. Pontiac used the phrase "There's a little GTO in every GT-37, And you don't have to be over 30 to afford it." These cars came base with a 350-2V and could be ordered with anything from a 400-2V to the mighty 455 HO. This made for a car that could be ordered to be very fast, but at much lower price, and could be insured as a LeMans rather than a GTO. These cars were fairly successful, but never quite caught on like Pontiac may have liked. One of the biggest problems was that when the right boxes were checked off when ordering one of them, you could have a car that out-performed  the GTO. The fact that these cars were usually very basic in terms of options made them much lighter than most GTO's, and when you ordered a 455 H.O. and a 4 speed, you had one fast car. This didn't sit well with GTO buyers because the GTO was supposed to be the Pontiac's top of the line car in terms of performance. The fact that these cars were short lived, and fairly scarce is what attracted me to it. Mine is a well equipped car for with Air, Tilt Steering, bucket seats w/ console, deluxe interior, Power Disc Brakes, stainless wheel openings and rocker moldings, in-dash tach, and 140mph speedometer.

This is close to what my would have looked like new.

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