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Places We Buy Parts From and Our Favorite Sites On The Web.

AMERICAN MUSCLE CAR RESTORATION See AMCR for all your restoration needs!
Summit High Performance Mail Order
Seco High Performance Parts and Accessories.
Scoggin and Dickey

JEGS See AMCR for all your muscle car needs!

F Body .Com This site features all camaros and has a great deal of info for the camaro lover.
Thirdgen. Org Great 3rd Gen only site. Has an excellent message forum and great links.
3rd Generation Camaros.Com Another great 3rd gen site. Has a excellent photo gallery for 3rd gens.
73-87 Chevy Truck.Com Specializing in 73-80 Chevy Trucks. Lots of links.
Car Pro Motorsports Specializing in Late Model High-Performance Fuel-Injected Chevys.