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About The Z
I got this car in Feb/'92 and it was my first car. I bought it "bone stock" with 71,000 miles from the original owner. This car was my daily driver all the way through High School and College. This car has seen numerous wheel/tire combos, 2 engines(soon to be 3), 3 transmissions, and 2 rearends. The car has not had an easy life, but I've kept her runnin' good and lookin' good despite the fact that the throttle has been wide-open most all of the time!! The car current combination is as follows:

ENGINE: 383, GMPP heavy duty engine block, 4 bolt main w/ steel caps, studs and windage tray, Wheeler steel stroker crank, Scat 4340 I beam rods/ ARP Waveloc bolts, Speed Pro .250" dome pistons, Comp Custom grind roller, Cloyes Hex-a-just double roller timing set.

HEADS: Fully Ported Dart 215cc Iron Eagle cast iron, 2.05 int 1.60", Comp 1.550" dia roller springs
1.6 Crane Race rockers.

INDUCTION AND IGNITION: Holley 830 Double Pumper w/ annular boosters, Wieand Team G intake. Billet Holley Distributor, Holley Strip Annihilater Ignition, Holley Power Shot Coil

TRANSMISSION: Ronnie Taylor prepared Turbo 350, ACC 4000 stall converter, manual valve body.

REAREND: Stock 7.5 w/ Richmond 4.10's, Auburn Mini-spool.

SUSPENSION: Front - Sway bar removed, Lakewood 90/10 Drag Struts. Rear - Sway bar removed, Competition Engineering Drag Shocks, Air Lift Drag Bag (right), Owner fabricated custom torque arm.

Best ET:11.56 @116.56 in the 1/4, 7.28 @ 94.50 in the 1/8, 1.598 60' time, ON MOTOR

Current Photos